We Believe Everyone Should Feel Loved And No One Should Feel Alone. 


YANA (You Are Not Alone) is a social movement with the goal of eliminating loneliness through the expression of compassion, connection, and caring to those facing life's challenges and celebrating life's successes.  To help with this movement, we create YANA items that people can give to each other to help deliver the warm message that you care about someone and you are there for him or her.  With every use the recipient is lovingly reminded of that message with these four words, You Are Not Alone.


We also understand we can’t accomplish our mission on our own. We need your help!  We hope to inspire a chain reaction of people willing to take the extra step to let someone know you care through our actions, messaging and items we create. To help further our mission we have also created the YANA Foundation, a non-profit organization.


YANA (the company) donates 2% of every sale to the YANA Foundation. YOU, the YANA community, will choose where the foundation’s funds are directed. Each quarter we randomly select a YANA customer and he or she gets to give away the Foundation's funds for that specific quarter. The only guideline the selected customer must adhere to is that that he or she MUST help people in need with the funds.  Maybe a neighbor is out of work and struggling to pay bills, or a college student you know can’t afford books, a homeless individual needs help…the choice is yours as long as you help another with the funds. This in turn helps spreads YANA's message of being there for each other and helps accomplish our mission of eliminating loneliness.