Loneliness is an epidemic that is affecting the entire globe. Just in the U.S. alone nearly half of all Americans say they are lonely.   There is no doubt loneliness is on the rise and it affects people of all ages. Well we have decided to do something about it.


You Are Not Alone Gifts mission is to eliminate loneliness.  The company was created around the premise that four words, “You Are Not Alone”, have the power to change someone’s life…and yours. 


Whether a celebration or one of life's more difficult moments, YANA Gifts help deliver the warm message that you care about someone and you are there for him or her. All of our YANA Gifts are specifically designed to be repetitive use items, meaning with each use one is lovingly reminded that you are there for him or her while receiving these four words, You Are Not Alone.


Along with our YANA Gifts company, we have also created the YANA Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You Are Not Alone Gifts donates 2% of sales to the YANA Foundation.  We appreciate other companies that give back, however we thought there was a better way of deciding where the funds should be put to use.  Instead of the company choosing where the funds are directed and receiving all the goodwill, we want to give our customers the opportunity to make these choices.  At YANA Gifts, we want our customers, our community to receive the goodwill by deciding where charitable funds should be directed.  


So how does that work? Every quarter we will randomly select a YANA customer and that individual will give away the foundation’s allotted funds for that quarter. The only guideline one must adhere to is that he or she must help people in need. It's that simple.  So you could give the funds to a neighbor who has been out of work and needs help paying some bills, a homeless person in your area, a struggling college student, a cancer patient, etc., you get the point. By helping people in need you are letting them know they are not alone.


Lastly as YANA Gifts grows we want to hire difficult to employ individuals or people who simply need a second chance in life.  We must practice our mission internally and what better way to let someone know he or she is not alone than by giving them a much needed employment opportunity.